Stock & Crypto Trade Alerts in Review for December 2018 and more

Last update:  December 31, 2018

The following includes all trade alerts (both performers and non-performers) and also some select Watch List & News alerts (watch list/news alerts are not trade alerts and not tallied in the monthly averages).  All alerts and commentary are time stamped on Google+ and Twitter.

Please note: When it states down 10%, then up 15%, it means the stock or crypto moved down 10% from the alert price, then moved back to the alert price and then up 15% from the alert price.  It doesn't mean the stock/crypto moved down 10%, then up 15% from the low point. If the stock/crypto doesn't move significantly down before it hits the high point, the move down is not stated. In many cases, it is possible to buy lower than the alert price.

Positions that are still open may not be listed until closed.

Bilo Selhi is not registered as a broker-dealer or investment adviser. Any stock/crypto mentioned on the site or any emails or any communication from Bilo Selhi represents his own opinions and should not be relied upon for purposes of effecting securities transactions or other investing strategies, nor should they be construed as an offer or solicitation of an offer to sell or buy any stock/crypto, nor does it constitute investment advice. Stock, crypto, and options trading involves large risk and may result in 100% losses of capital. Don't trade with money you can't afford to lose. Past performance is not indicative of future results.

NTEC trade alert (open)
GBTC trade alert (open)
ACRX trade alert (open)

RGSE trade alert up 18% same day (open)

GBTC trade alert up 16.6%, down 5.8% within 9 days

TQQQ trade alert up 2.6%, down 3.3%, sold, then up 4%

FNMA trade alert up 12% by next day

GBTC trade alert down 5.8%, up 14% by next day

ONCS trade alert  up 2.2%, down 18% in 1 week

SQQQ trade alert up 5.3%

FNMA trade alert up 2.5%, down 1.7%, breakeven

SQQQ trade alert #2  up 1.8%, down 0.9%
SQQQ trade alert #1  up 1.7%, down 1.1%

EARS trade alert up 7.7%  (open)

PURA trade alert up 12.7%, down 10.9%

USLV trade alert up 8.1%

GBTC trade alert up 7.8%, down 8.3%

RSLS trade alert up 247%  in 2 days

MYO trade alert up 5%, down 22+%    (open)

VTL trade alert up 12% 

For the 3 months ended October 31, 2018:
Average increase of trade alerts (not including options): 15.7%.

Median increase of trade alerts: 11.6%
77.7% of trade alerts increased at least 5.2% 

Highest increases:  AWX 48%,  JMU 40%,  SDPI 36%

Only trade alerts included in the above stats; watch list and news alerts not included. 


TQQQ #2  trade alert up 19.8%

TQQQ #1  trade alert up 6.8%

SDPI trade alert up 37%

Watch List Highlights October 15 to 17
PURA up 338% after October 2 watch alert
SDPI up 35% after trade alert
BLNK up 33% after spike alert
SLS up 43% after watch alert
MJNE up 39% after watch alert
YECO up 475% after spike alert

NVFY trade alert up 3.7%, down 25% within several weeks
AGRX trade alert up 8%, down 16%
HD call options  trade alert  up 50+%  within hours, expired the same week
RXII trade alert  up 4.9%, down 19%
FPAY trade alert  up 8%  within hours

IGC trade alert  up 6.9%  within hours
GBR trade alert  up 16.1%  within hours
DHXM  trade alert  up 11.2%
CHEK  trade alert  up 2% within a few days
LCI  trade alert  up 5% within hours

Watch List Highlights from Sept 17 to 21
PPCB up 1,381% after watch alert
NLST up 100% after watch alert
LCDX up 118% after watch alert
ALT up 468% after watch(halt) alert
NBEV up 380% after watch(spike/halt) alert
NBEV up 214% after watch alert
IGC up 186% after watch alert
CLOW up 131% after watch alert

CALI trade alert up 1%, halted, down 94%, then up 1,133% from the low, exited at 22% down

ASCMA  trade alert  down 10%, up 23% in a few hours

MARK trade alert up 4%, down 70% over several months

AVIR - VXRT   trade alert  up 8%, down 33%merger, down 50+%

TOPS trade alert down 9%

VTL trade alert up 18% within hour

CHEK trade alert - no significant change

GEVO  trade alert up 14% few days

INPX  trade alert up 24.7% in 1 day

IPC  trade alert up 8.5%

IPAS trade alert up 4.2%, down 16%

LTBR trade alert up 16.6% within 3 weeks.  (still open)

PTIE trade alert up 15%  within a few days

BIOC trade alert up 4.8%, down 4.2%, up 4.8% within a few days

NEWA trade alert down 12%, then up 12% within a day

trade alert up 40% within a few hours

trade alert up 48% within the hour

IDRA trade alert up 18.7% same day

CALI trade alert up 0%, then halted for approx 2 weeks, then down 75+%

ATLC trade alert up 6.5%, down 20% same day

WIN  trade alert up 19.7% by next day

CCRC trade alert  down 7+% same day

AQXP trade alert up 26% in 1 week

GLMD trade alert up 26% in 1 week

ACHV trade alert up 7%, down 6% same day

CVM trade alert up 15%, down 16%, back to break-even in one day

CYTR trade alert down 50+% 11 months

MXC trade alert up 14%, down 35% same day

RGSE  trade alert up 5%down 50% within 1 week

CBIO  trade alert down 5% in 1 day

LTBR trade alert up 96% within 40 days

ASTC trade alert (December) down 35+%, then up 66%

ASTC up 146% after news alert

FLKS trade alert up 31% same day

PULM trade alert up 9.5% same day, down 8.6%, up 3% within 1 week

UWT trade alert up 4% within 1 week

TOPS trade alert up 8.1% same day

ANW trade alert up 23% within 1 week

TTOO trade alert down 11%, up 14%

KNDI trade alert up 4.7%

NLST trade alert up 68% by next day

LTBR trade alert up 24% within a few days

USLV trade alert down 8.8% , up 5%

CALI  trade alert down 4.5%,  up 3.1%

SDRL trade alert up 186% in 17 days

CPSH trade alert up 10% to 16.5% same day

CLWT trade alert down 36%, up 168% within 36 days

CREG trade alert down 62%, up 9% in 4 months

MCEP trade alert up 35% within a few days

INPX trade alert up 1% by next day. Profits taken.

MGTI trade alert down 45%,  up 17+% within 1 month

81% of the last 60 trade alerts had opportunity to take profit

OPGN  trade alert up 13% same day

VTVT trade alert up 6.7% in 2 days, sold, then up 114% next day, up 224% the following day

LMFA trade alert down 13%, up 40% in 2 days
SQQQ trade alert down 3%, up 4% in 2 days

Viberate(VIB) trade alert up 8%, down 16+%  (open)
CLWT trade alert up 7.9%, down 10+% (open)
MGTI trade alert up 3.8%, down 10+% (open)

TOPS trade alert down 4.4%, up 8.4% same day

GEVO  trade alert down 4.8%, up 8.4% same day

AMMA trade alert down 5%, up 4%, break-even same day

MARA trade alert up 50% same day

TTPH trade alert down 13%, up 3% within 1 week

OHGI trade alert down 18%, up 6% within 3 weeks

AVGR trade alert up 17+%

NIHD trade alert down 72%, up 23% after several months, SOLD, then up 138% within days.

INPX  trade alert down 7+%, up 10%

NSPR trade alert down 15%,  up 12% by next day, then down 70% over several months

up 21%, down 14% within 2 days

Apx(APX)  up 22% within 2 days

USLV up 21% after trade alert

HMNY trade alert up 22% within 2 days

LTBR up 144% after news alert

AKER trade alert up 16% within 1 day

OmiseGo (OMG)  up 136% after trade alert

LindaCoin(LINDA) up 229% after watch alert
HMNY  up 44% after 'turning higher' alert
IEGH up 138% after spike/news alert
Vericoin(VRC) up 140% after watch alert

NIHD  up 10% after trade alert
NIHD up 33% after Jan 9 watch alert

AVIR up 21% after watch alert

Groestlcoin(GRS) trade alert down 30%, up 18%

Nexus(NXS)  still open.  Up 248% after trade alert.  (chart not updated)

Bitshares(BTS) trade alert up 435%
Bitshares(BTS) up 1,300% after the 'turning higher' alert
Enigma (ENG)  up 124% after watch alert
CANN up 242% after the watch alert
CBDS up 118% after the watch alert
HGSH up 52% after spike & halt alert

USLV up 12.5% after trade alert

Ripio Credit Network (RCN) up 52% after spike alert
Ripio Credit Network (RCN) up 23% after trade alert

CANN up 173% after watch alert
CBDS up 99% after watch alert
DCTH up 76% after watch alert
KOSS up 52% after spike & halt alert

OmiseGO(OMG) up 71% after trade alert

Tokes(TKS) up 140% after watch alert
XRP up 42% after watch alert
LTBR trade alert up 97% within 4 months

DMPI trade alert down 21%, up 22% within ~1 month

Cardano(ADA) up 144% after watch alert
OmiseGO(OMG) trade alert up 71+%
Monero(XMR) trade alert up 42%
HempCoin (THC) up 346% after watch alert

LTEA down 53% after the overbought alert
Golos Gold (GBG) up 41% after watch alert
SGLB up 22% after the 'high of day' alert
Bitshares(BTS) trade alert up 288%
Bitshares(BTS) up 915% after the 'turning higher' alert
Circuits of Value (COVAL) up 45% after watch alert

BitcoinCash(BCC BCH) up 1,136% after the trade alert

CANN up 87% after watch alert
CBDS up 21% after watch alert
Litecoin(LTC) up 120% after watch alert
Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (September 2017) up 492%
Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (October 2016) up 2,761%
Ethereum(ETH) trade alert up 28%
Tokes(TKS) up 58% after watch alert
Cardano(ADA) up 38% after the watch alert
HempCoin(THC) trade alert up 410+%

Bitcoin(BTC)  notice the timing of the first buy alert came just days before bitcoin launched.

Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (September 2017) up 470%
Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (October 2016) up 2,654%

Internet of People trade alert down 59% up 71% within 2+ months

HempCoin(THC) up 290+% within 1 day

CHFS trade alert up 16%

OWCP trade alert up 15% within hours

NXTD trade alert up 16% within hours

LiteCoin(LTC) trade alert down 5%, up 1% within a few days
Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (September 2017) up 176%
Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (October 2016) up 1,234%

EKSO up 91% after news alert
CHFS up 389% after spike/halt alert

YECO up 46% after the spike alert

DCIX up 146% after spike alert

MARK down 35%, up 17% after 6 weeks
crypto: BitcoinCash(BCC) up 648% after trade alert (chart not updated yet)

crypto: MEME up 54% after trade alert
TOPS up 446% after watch alert
TOPS Up 152% after trade alert
DCIX up 254% after watch alert
ESEA up 40% after watch alert
RLOG up 101% after the halt alert
crypto: Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (September 2017) up 165%
crypto: Bitcoin(BTC) trade alert (October 2016) up 1,180%
CREG up 363% after watch alert
CLNT up 18% after watch alert
CALI up 22% after watch alert
EKSO up 18% after news alert

ATOS up 2%, down 10%
TOPS trade alert up 21%, down 21%, then up 110% by next day
ESEA up 40% after watch alert

ProjectDecorum(PDC) down 30+% (still holding)
CreditBit(CRB) down 9%, up 50%

FLIK trade alert up 132%
XLM trade alert up 132% 
TRXC up 115% after news alert
TRIG  trade alert up 38%
Bitcoin trade alert up 109% since September
Bitcoin trade alert (October 2016) up 912%

USLV up 3.6%, down 15%, back to breakeven

RGSE trade alert up 56%
MonaCoin(MONA) up 231% after the watch alert
ParkByte (PKB) up 239% after the watch alert
LTBR trade alert up 38%
KALV(formerly CYBL) up 100+% after trade alert

Unobtanium(UNO) trade alert up 51%
ITKG up 43% after trade alert
LBIX  up 110% after spike alert

ABWN up 25% after watch alert
HMNY trade alert up 1,366%

VTR trade alert up 26%
BTC down 3% after head & shoulders (bearish) alert
MTBC up 147% after spike alert
DYSL up 35% after spike alert
GNCA up 32% after the oversold alert
HMNY trade alert up 512%

RPRX  up 62% after spike alert

vTorrent(VTR) trade alert up 10%, down 14%
AdEx(ADX) trade alert up 85% 
MARK trade alert up 2%, down 18%   (still active)
LTBR trade alert up 17%    (still active)
eBoost(EBST) trade alert up 73%

QQQ puts trade alert up 33%, then expired

ITUS up 113% after news alert

ACTG trade alert up 22+%

SINO trade alert down 27%, up 5% since May 2017

Bitcoin(BTC) -  major inflection point called with extreme accuracy - up 39%

DAR up 152% after spike alert

CATB down 41% over few months, almost back to breakeven
PTX  up 2%, down 12% over 2 weeks
ACTG trade alert up 22%

Bitshares(BTS) up 7%, down 31%

Triggers(TRIG) up 486% after trade alert

HD 157.5 call options (Sept 8 exp). up 6,300% within 3 days after watch alert 

Musicoin(MUSIC) trade alert up 12%, down 35%

QQQPuts up 0%,  expired

Blitz up 100% after watch list alert

BW trade alert up 26.6% within 2 days
Lisk(LSK) trade alert down 10% , up 102% within 3 days

QQQ 140 puts trade alert up 183% within hours
Litecoin(LTC) trade alert up 44% within a few days

LBRY Credits (LBC) trade alert up 3%, down 40+%  

BitcoinCash(BCC) up 178% after trade alert within 1 week

EverGreenCoin(EGC) down 21%, up 29% after trade alert within 1 day

 up 10% after trade alert within 2 days

TenX(PAY) trade alert down 25%, up 412%

Bitcoin(BTC) up 104% after May trade alert.  Up 550+% after October 2016 trade alert.

DRYS up 300+% after Aug 9 watch list alert
ZYNE up 22% after watch list alert
QQQ puts up 500+% after watch list alert

TVIX up 16% after watch list alert

Ripple(XRP) trade alert up 3%, down 7%

DRYS trade alert up 7.5%, down to breakeven
FNMA trade alert up 1%

Musicoin (MUSIC) trade alert up 28+%,  down 20+%
LiteCoin (LTC) trade alert up 16%, down 25+%
VeriCoin (VRC) trade alert up 45%, down 48%

USLV trade alert up 23.6% within 17 days (chart not updated)

 DCIX trade alert up 12%, down 40+% by next day

DRYS  trade alert up 135% within 1 day

FNMA trade alert up 5% within 1 day
VeriCoin VRC trade alert #2 up 44+% within 24 hours
LiteCoin LTC trade alert up 15%
SysCoin SYS up 11%

NXTD up 60% after spike alert
CERC up 40% after HoD alert

Half of the cryptocurrencies Bilo Selhi has identified as potential winners have already increased more than 100%.

VRC (crypto) trade alert up 53% within 1 day

NIHD trade alert down 23%, up 13% after 2 weeks
ITKG trade alert#2 up 6%, down 39%

USLV trade alert no significant change
ITKG trade alert  up 112% by next day (up 154% after news alert)

DCII up 41% after watch list alert
CADC trade alert up 5%, down 40+%
CNTF  trade alert up 10+%, down 20+% , up 26% after several weeks
AAPL 134 puts  up 126% within 1 day, then down 80+%
Ethereum trade alert up 170% within 2 weeks

#2 trade alert up 43% within 2 weeks

Bitcoin #1 trade alert up 382% since October 2016
Basic Attention Token (BAT) trade alert down 20+%

ABIL up 108% after spike alert within 1 day
DCTH  up 112% after watch list alert
ALDX trade alert up 3%, down 27%

ANW trade alert up 10% within 2 days

MBOT spike alert

HMNY up 42% after news alert
GLBS up 75% after spike alert
SPI up 124% after halt alert
NIHD up 60% after watch list alert
MARA up 7%, down 10+%

QQQ puts expired

GLYC news alert up 117%

IDXG trade alert up 10+% same daydown

SQQQ trade alert up 1%, down 2% within 1 day
AUPH  trade alert up 11.4% within 3 days
NADL  trade alert down 21%, up 13.3%,  breakeven within 2 weeks
UWT   trade alert up 4.8%,  breakeven within 2 days

ESSM up 19% same day
FNBC trade alert up 136% same day, up 501% by day 2

BASI trade alert down 10%, up 35% within 3 weeks

AUPH trade alert up 8.2% within 3 days
DRYS down 9%, up 7.5% by next day

MTBC  spike/news alert

NADL up 30+% after morning spike alert
ENSV up 47% after pre-market news alert
IFON up 44% after news alert

OPTT news alert

IDXG  trade alert up 52% same day

LIVE trade alert up 6% within 3 weeks

OPMZ  trade alert up 36%, down 45%, up 49% in 2 weeks

XGTI  trade alert up 8.4%, down 18%
ARLZ (trade #2) down 30%
TLOG trade alert up 8%, down 74%

CCCR Watch list alert  up 74+%

ENRJ news alert

OPHT  down 41% after bearish opinion alert

PLUG  down 17% after bearish opinion alert

USLV trade alert up 22%

SSH trade alert up 16% same day

CLNT news alert

BNTC  - You'll know an alert service is good if they can detect subtle patterns that foretell of big future moves a DAY in advance!

IDXG news alert up 42%

APOP news alert up 86%

ARLZ trade alert  down 11%, up 1%, down 4%

RTTR   trade alert down 39% same day

SSH trade alert up 20+%  same day

HTGM news alert  up 413%

MBRX trade alert up 2%, down 15%, up 22%

TOPS  trade alert up 4%, down 10%

Bitcoin trade alert up 120% in less than 6 months

TGTX trade alert down 18%, up 36% within 9 days


Only select news alerts (usually 1 to 3 news items posted during pre-market) that could potentially have the most impact on a stock and provide potential trading opportunities. Today's one and only pre-market news alert was for CPRX.

 XTNT  - watch list

MGTI  trade alert up 29%  within 1 week

RNVA  trade alert up 35%  by next day

MYOS trade alert up 4%, down 8%  same day

NSPR trade alert up 3%, down 29%,  back to breakeven after 2 weeks.

News and Watch List notifications  BASI, LJPC, HTGM  (these were not alerted for trades)



DCTH  trade alert up 16% same day

EYEG, TOPSPSIX and EVOK - Watch List and news alerts


ACUR trade alert up 7.7%,  down 45% within 4 days

APHB trade alert up 31% same day

ROKA   trade alert up 4%, down 14+%

MYOS - Watch List alerts

ORPN trade alert up 3.4%, down 11%
ESES trade alert up 6.7%, down 12%

TENX trade alert up 5.1%, down 81%, then up 100+% after buy alert#2, still open

PULM - Watch List alert

Watch List alert

SSH  trade alert up 9%, down 8%

HMNY trade alert down 21%, up 11%

PLX trade alert up 10% in 3 days

ENRJ  trade alert down 46%, up 40% in 4 months

APRI  trade alert down 18%, then up 126% in 1 week

AMS trade alert down 14%

trade alert up 29% same day

Watch List alert

OPGN trade alert up 53% by next day

Watch List alert

ITEK down 8% within 1 week

CALA up 13% next day

Watch List alert

XGTI  up 38% within 4 days

TLOG up 10+%, then down 50+%, still open

Bitcoin up 90% in 3 months

INVT up 23.5% by next day

CEMP down 7%, up 3.4%, sold, then up 32%  (32% will not be included in the monthly stats)

PLX  down 18%, up 40% within 3 weeks

LIXXF  up 16% within 1 week

CNAT  up 17% next day

DCIX up 15% day 1up 27% by day 2

OPXA  up 2.5%, down 33% within 1 day

AKAO - news alert posted in pre-market.

TBIO up 72% by next day
NVLS up 7%, down 7% by next day
APHB  up 9%, down 20% by next day
DRYS down 20+%
DRAM up 40% same day
AMMJ  up 19% same day
MDGS  up 44.7% same day

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